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Why work with us

It’s a good question — why use Allchin? Of course every builder will have their qualities. But, as you’ll see in this short video, our commitment quality isn’t just ingrained in how we work, but also in the ethos of our trusted suppliers and contractors.

We all work together regularly, which means we understand each other’s expectations. We respect each other’s work and we don’t cut corners. Dealing with each other is the best way to work and its you, the customer, who benefits the most.

Each Allchin home is fully custom designed for the land, the views, the aspect of the block, and also for the client’s personal requirements and budget. We build with trusted suppliers and we’ve developed great working relationships that ultimately benefit the finished product.

This is how we work, and it’s this attention to detail, commitment to high standards, and personal touch that separate our homes from ‘lowest-price-at-all-costs’ approach of many of the volume builders.